Why Yes Tomatoes are Fruit !


Why Yes Tomatoes are Fruit!

Technically tomatoes are a fruit,but the USDA considers this popular food to be nutritionally a vegetable.

Tomatoes are used in dishes all around the world. Indian curries, Mexican salsas and Italian sauces.

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables in the U.S. (just behind the potato).

Nutritionally tomatoes are jam-packed with nutrients and low in calories,a single cup of tomatoes contains 27 calories while also providing fiber,potassium (353mg) vitamin K (11.8mg) vitamin C (20mg)

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

1.Cancer Prevention

Prostate Cancer: In the U.S there are approximately 217,000 cases of prostate cancer diagnosed annually and around 32,000 deaths.

According to John Edman .Phd professor of the department of food sciencee at the University of Illinois.

“There’s very good strong support for increased consumption of tomato products and lower incidence of prostate cancer.

” Nutrients often do not work in isolation but rather as a family to increase the positive health effects.

Pancreatic Cancer:

According to a study at the University of Montreal,the researchers found that lycopene was linked with 31 percent reduction in the development of pancreatic cancer.

The consumption of tomatoes has been also linked to the possible reduction in other types of cancer.

2.Improved Sugar Metabolism

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that eating a diet high in tomatoes helped promote better fat regulation and sugar metabolism.

The study looked  at women eatng tomato-rich diets and found that those who ate at lest 25mg of lycopene daily for 10 weeks saw a healthy 9% bump in adiponectin,a hormone involved with regulating blood sugar and fat levels.

3.Healthier Cholesterol Levels

Lycopene found in tomato juice has been showing a study in Finland andothers to reduce cholesterol LDL cholesterol along with increasing its resistance to oxidation,which has the worst effect on cardiovascular health.

Tomatoes in the Mediterranean diet here have been long associated with improved mortality and cardiovascular health due to the powerful antioxidant nutrient content.

4.Healthy Eyes and Skin

Tomatoes contain many different carotenoids that concentrate  in the skin and eyes protecting these tissues and cells from sun damage and other types of tissue damage.

The anti-oxidants in tomatoes help to prevent macular degeneration along with supporting improved night vision.


5.Bone Health

Drinking two glasses of tomato juice could possiblyhelp to strengthen brittle bones.

A study was conducted on post menopausal women, and it was shown that in a lycopene-free diet, a natural chemical in the blood that increases bone breakdown elevated:

In contrast drinking two glasses of tomato juice or consuming an equivalent amount of lycopene showed a reduction in bone loss.

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