Spirulina – What Makes it a Superfood


Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is just going to bee a short share about anothe superfood today.

This week we have been talking about superfoods.

Now the following information has been what I’ve learned from articles documentaries and health books read over the past year.

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Spirulina is a blue-green algae found in the ocean and fresh water.

It’s easily absorbed and integrated into the body when ingested.

You typically buy it in powdered form after it’s been dried at a low heat to preserve the nutritional content.

Health Benefits of Spirulina

  • It’s the most concentrated known source of protein. Spirulina is 60% protein and as with other protein-packed foods,this means it can help curb hunger and boost energy.

It also means that consuming spirulina after a tough workout will aid in muscle recovery.

Among high-level athletes who are burning a ton of calories a day,spirulina is often a nutritional supplement of choice.

  • Rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) GLA is an essential fatty acid that helps balance hormones,dissolve fat deposits,reduce bad cholesterol and even prvent heart issues.
  • A great dotoxifier: Spiraling helps clean mercury,heavy metals and other toxins out of the body.

It’s been shown to slow the growth of bad bacteria while promoting the growth of the good stuff needed for efficient digestion.

  • Plant-based source of iron: Spirulina is rich in iron,making it a great addition to the diets of vegans and vegetarians who may not be getting enough.

Keep in mind that iron is best absorbed by the body when consumed with Vitamin C

  • Packed with other nutrients: In addition to protein, GLA and iron,spiraling is also rich in B vitamins,magnesium, Vitamin D and K, beta-carotenes (10x the amount found in carrots). and lots of anti-oxidants.

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How to Get More Spirulina  in Your Diet


Spirulina usually comes in a powdered or tablet form.

Tablets and capsules filled with spiraling powder are a convenient alternative to fresh greens when you’re traveling.

You shouldn’t cook spirulina (it will lose most of it’s nutritional value) so the best ways to consume it are by:

  • Adding a little to smoothies,acai bowls,juices and other drinks.
  • Mixing it into no-bake snack bites and chewy granola bars.
  • Stirring it into salad dressings,sauces and dips.

The recommended daily intake of spiraling is 1-5 grams. If you add to much to your smoothies,you’ll be able to test it. (it’s a little bitter)

One of my favorite snacks from Whole Foods are the Spiraling Chips- these are dehydrated at a low temp so as to maintain the nutritional value of all the ingredients and are delicious!

If you don’t want to buy your own bulk spirulina look for these in the grocery stores and health food stores as well.

Now guys as for me I order my spirulina from Mountain Rose herbs.

It’s a huge bag that usually last a few months. You can also find it in powdered form in many health store.

If you guys have any spirulina recipes or use it leave me a comment and let me know if this post was helpful.

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