11 Things that are Dangerous for Your Health


1. 70 cups of coffee contains enough caffeine to kill a 160 lb. man.  This amount of caffeine can trigger heart palpitations.

2. 13 consecutive shots can be lethal. Because alcohol is a depressant the area in the brain controlling basic life functions like breathing and heart rate begins to shut down.

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3. Too much liquid in general can be dangerous as well. It takes a lot of water intoxication of  around 6 liters causes brain cells to swell leading to headaches, seizures, coma , and even death in extreme cases.

4. 48 teaspoons of your favorite seasonings at once is enough to trigger this reaction leading to seizure or coma or even death.

5. Stick your head under water or simply hold your breath and it takes around 4 minutes without oxygen to cause severe brain injury and at 6 minutes you can die.

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However in extreme cases, some deep divers have been able to hold their breath for over 20 minutes.

6. Cherries can also deprive you of oxygen. Don’t bite into one. 1 or 2 grams of cherry contains enough cyanide to take you down.

These cyanide ions inhabit the enzyme coxidase causing your cells to use oxygen.

7. It takes about 8000 feet above sea level before our body can no longer utilize the limited oxygen. This is known as the “death zone”.

8.Being too tall can kill you. In the 1930’s Robert reached 8 feet 11 inches.

This height put severe stress on his circulatory system and put pressure on his bones and he died at the young age of 22.

9.If you are worried about your pet’s life you may have heard not to give them chocolate.

The chemical in chocolate “theobromine” can also kill us too, though our bodies metabolize, theobromine more effectively with 1000 mg/kg being lethal to humans, which is the equivalent of 85 full size chocolate bars at once.

10. You have to eat 22kg of marijuana to be at risk of death, smoking weed to overdose takes a huge amount.

It would take smoking 680 kg in 50 minutes to die from weed. This explains why there hasn’t been one death linked to consuming too much marijuana.

11.Blasting some amazing music maybe fun as well just don’t go above 185 db the amount of air pressure from this may boast your lungs and can even have an adverse effect on your heart.

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10 Top Health Benefits of Bananas


Bananas are considered one of the healthiest foods for humans. The banana is valued for its  flavor  and nutritional value.

Bananas are high in carbohydrates, potassium and vitamins  C and A and is low in protein and fat.

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1. Energy boost – Eating only two bananas will give your body enough energy to exercise or workout for an hour and a half.

Bananas  are also ideal for eating during the mid-day when you feel tired and sluggish.

2. The power of potassium – Because they are rich in potassium, bananas help the body circulatory system to deliver oxygen to the brain.

It also helps the body in maintaining a regular heart beat and proper balance of water within the body.

Potassium is also useful for reducing strokes and regulating blood pressure.

Potassium in bananas also assist in the prevention of muscle cramps after exercise.

3. Helps to end constipation – Bananas help to end constipation.

The fiber in bananas promote restoration and maintenance of regular bowel functions, which is better than laxatives.

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4. It lifts  Your Spirit – Bananas have an amino acid called tryptophan.


5. Rich in Iron- Bananas are rich in iron.

For people suffering from a deficiency in iron, bananas help to give your body iron it needs, as a result they help to promote hemoglobin in production so your blood can clot faster in case of a cut or serious injury. It’s also great for your skin.

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6. Low in Calories-  Bananas are low in calories. You can eat bananas without ruining your waistline or your health.

A banana averages only 110 calories. This is because of the large percentage of fiber and water that makes up the composition of bananas.

7. Fiber- One banana has about three grams of fiber. Dietary fiber can help you stay full longer and keep your digestive system running smoothly.

8. Refueling- Your body uses carbohydrates as the primary source of energy. Eat bananas to start your day off right.

9. Manganese  –Bananas are a good source of manganese with one medium banana providing 0.3 mg. Adults need between 1.8 mg and 2.3 mg of manganese daily.

10. Fat and cholesterol free-  Bananas are typically fat and cholesterol free.   So eat as many as you can.

Looking back it’s easy to see why bananas are considered  one of the healthiest foods for humans.

7 Ways to Build Muscle


How can you build muscle quickly? I will outline 7 ways to build muscle (mass) .

1. Low Reps are Important.

People will usually train within the 8-12 rep range to try to add inches to their muscles, but  usually hit a plateau when it comes to increasing the amount they can lift at that range.

If you want to build  more mass,you must be able to get stronger,to intern be able to lift heavier at the 8-12 range.

A multitude of studies have shown that training within the 2-6 repitition range with heavier weights help to develop higher strength .


2. Forced Reps to Force Growth

There are certain training methods that can help you gain strength. However there is one technique that stands out for its ability to pack on pounds of muscle.

Researchers have studied athletes doing basic standard leg workouts consisting of  squats and leg extensions with 12 reps taken.

And athletes doing forced-rep leg workouts consisting of the same exercises with 15% heavier weights so they would have  to rely on a spotter to complete their 12 reps.

The studies showed that the forced rep workouts resulted in increased overall testosterone levels and elevated GH (growth hormone) levels as well as decreased body fat percentages.

3. Deadlifts for Strength

Did you know that deadlifts use hundred of muscles within the body? Proper form while dead lifting targets various different areas such as lower back, hamstrings, quads and the list goes on.

Unlike a squat, a deadlift eliminates the negative part of the rep and forces you to use your strength to fully lift the bar up and off the floor.

Which is why they are considered a true test of strength and a really great way to improve your overall strength.


4. Squat

While we’re  still on the subject of squatting exercises, let’s talk about what squatting can do for you in terms of gaining mass to achieve those slabs of muscle you want.

Just as the deadlift, the traditional squat targets hundreds of muscles in both the upper and lower body as it triggers prime movers and stabilizing muscles to act as you stabilize potentially hundreds of pounds on your back.

A 2006 study in Japan confirmed that squatting is one of the best exercises to build muscle as it also boosts natural GH levels in the body.


5. Different Speeds, Different Growth

A lot of people at the gym usually tend to train using the same speed of repetitions  regardless of exercise.

However modifying the speed of your repetitions can actually stimulate the muscle fibers and force better growth and strength.

As a general rule, slower reps boost muscle mass and faster reps boosts strength.

Keep in mind that they must be done with proper form at a steady rate, no swinging weights or irregular speeds !

Stay consistent and you’ll see and feel the difference.

6. Get Plenty of Rest

Muscle fibers grow during resting after your hard workouts.

If you consistently wear and tear down your muscles , they would have no time to regenerate and rebuild themselves and you will end up making little if any progress.

Get plenty of sleep at night and do stretches to relax your worn out muscle fiber.


7. Watch Your Protein Intake !

Protein is required to build and repair damaged muscle tissue, so fueling your muscles with a high quality protein source is essential.

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Creatine Monohydrate is Clearly the Best.

  • runner-825638_1280-2

Creatine Monohydrate is Clearly the Best.

There are many kinds of creatine supplements on the market , one form has reigned supreme time after time.

Creatine Monohydrate.

What is it? Creatine monohydrate is a natural substance made in the body and found in some foods such as oily fish and red meats.

While in the body it converts to creatine phosphate, which helps produce adenosine triphosphate. (ATP).

ATP provides the energy for muscle contractions, which is used up during each rep in the gym.

Naturally your body will use up your ATP reserve during your workouts and you will exhaust your muscles after a certain amount of repetitions, until you completely exhaust them at the end of your workout.

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Creatine monohydrate is a great supplement that increases your body’s pool of natural ATP.

So in turn you are able to increase your strength and repetition count in the gym, which leads to bigger muscle mass.

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A basic overview of the benefits of creatine supplementation include :

  • Increased muscle mass and strength.
  • Increased sets and repetition counts.
  • Increased energy available for the muscles.
  • Faster weight gain
  • Faster recovery after your workouts.

Your typical cycle of creatine consist of 3-5 grams a day, usually done for 4-8 weeks, then a month off without it.

It is available  in powdered form or capsules,and they both provide the same results so choose your own personal preference.

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5 Surprising Foods That are Full of Sugar !


5 Surprising Foods That Are full of Sugar

More than 3/4 of the packaged food in our grocery stores are filled with sugar. It’s hard to avoid.

Plus there are 61 different names for sugar, that’s why finding it is difficult.

According to  Doctor Oz excess sugar consumption puts your body in danger of many fatal conditions.

Here are some sugary names to watch out for in the ingredient list. Barley malt,beet sugar, cane juice, coconut sugar, corn sweetener, corn syrup,  dextrose , fructose, glucose, honey malt syrup, muscovado, panocha, sucrose, and turbinado.

Food manufacturers use multiple types of sugar so that they fall lower on the ingredient list. This trick makes it look like there isn’t a lot of added sugar.

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Even healthy- looking foods can be laden with the sweet stuff,so be your own food detective. to ensure you’re eating quality foods.

Watch Out For These Sugar Tip-Offs

  • Natural or “organic” labels   These foods may have just as much added sugar. Added sugar is added sugar whether it’s organic or not!
  • “No fructose corn syrup ” There are likely other added sugars to replace it.
  • Fat free: When fat is taken at,food companies will often add sugar to maintain taste.

When it comes to the amount of added sugar, the American Heart Association recommends no more than nine teaspoons ( 38 grams) of added sugar per day for men and six teaspoons (25 grams) per day for women.

For children the range is three to six teaspoons (12-25 ) depending on their age and calorie needs. This can add up quickly as you’ll see below.

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  1. Cereal – Okay maybe this one you already knew! But even some of the healthy cereals are laden with sugar. For example bran cereal with raisins has up to four teaspoons of sugar in it.

Many granola cereals have between three and six teaspoons of sugar.  How often do we eat only one serving? This means we’re taking in more sugar than what the label tells us.

What to do? Look for cereal with no more than 5 grams of sugar per serving as well as with 3 grams of fiber or more.

2. Spaghetti Sauce – Want some added sugar on your spaghetti? I didn’t think so. Tomatoes and other vegetables contain natural sugar, so the nutrition label will never say “0” grams sugar.

For this reason,go by the ingredient list to determine added sugars. Many sauces have an additional two teaspoons of sugar per serving.

What to do? Reshelve any sauces with sugars in the ingredient list.


3. Yogurt -is a popular food in our diet and yet most yogurts have quite a bit of added sugars. Added sugars in yogurts may come from the fruit mixture.

Which is often nothing more than refined juice with a small smash of sugar-laced fruit ( or other add ins) These yogurts (both Greek and regular) can have 2 to 4 teaspoons of added sugar in them.

What to do ? Go for the plain yogurt and add your own fresh fruit.


4 Condiments – Catsup,barbecue sauce, fat free salad dressing, relish. All of these have added sugar.

And while they may only have an added one to two teaspoons the problem is we eat more than the recommended serving—about one tablespoon.

What to do? If you are going to use condiments with added sugar try to stick with only one serving.

5. Energy drinks – Setting aside other potential dangers of consuming energy drinks ( addiction, withdrawal, high blood pressure ) most energy drinks have seven to 13 teaspoons of sugar added. Yes 13 teaspoons !

What to do ? If you really need a caffeine boost, go for coffee with minimal added ingredients or black or white tea.

Hey guys isn’t it sneaky how much extra sugar you’re consuming. Even if you’re not directly putting a teaspoon in your morning coffee or having dessert. No wonder it’s hard to break the cravings.

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Spirulina – What Makes it a Superfood


Hello ladies and gentlemen. This is just going to bee a short share about anothe superfood today.

This week we have been talking about superfoods.

Now the following information has been what I’ve learned from articles documentaries and health books read over the past year.

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Spirulina is a blue-green algae found in the ocean and fresh water.

It’s easily absorbed and integrated into the body when ingested.

You typically buy it in powdered form after it’s been dried at a low heat to preserve the nutritional content.

Health Benefits of Spirulina

  • It’s the most concentrated known source of protein. Spirulina is 60% protein and as with other protein-packed foods,this means it can help curb hunger and boost energy.

It also means that consuming spirulina after a tough workout will aid in muscle recovery.

Among high-level athletes who are burning a ton of calories a day,spirulina is often a nutritional supplement of choice.

  • Rich in gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) GLA is an essential fatty acid that helps balance hormones,dissolve fat deposits,reduce bad cholesterol and even prvent heart issues.
  • A great dotoxifier: Spiraling helps clean mercury,heavy metals and other toxins out of the body.

It’s been shown to slow the growth of bad bacteria while promoting the growth of the good stuff needed for efficient digestion.

  • Plant-based source of iron: Spirulina is rich in iron,making it a great addition to the diets of vegans and vegetarians who may not be getting enough.

Keep in mind that iron is best absorbed by the body when consumed with Vitamin C

  • Packed with other nutrients: In addition to protein, GLA and iron,spiraling is also rich in B vitamins,magnesium, Vitamin D and K, beta-carotenes (10x the amount found in carrots). and lots of anti-oxidants.

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How to Get More Spirulina  in Your Diet


Spirulina usually comes in a powdered or tablet form.

Tablets and capsules filled with spiraling powder are a convenient alternative to fresh greens when you’re traveling.

You shouldn’t cook spirulina (it will lose most of it’s nutritional value) so the best ways to consume it are by:

  • Adding a little to smoothies,acai bowls,juices and other drinks.
  • Mixing it into no-bake snack bites and chewy granola bars.
  • Stirring it into salad dressings,sauces and dips.

The recommended daily intake of spiraling is 1-5 grams. If you add to much to your smoothies,you’ll be able to test it. (it’s a little bitter)

One of my favorite snacks from Whole Foods are the Spiraling Chips- these are dehydrated at a low temp so as to maintain the nutritional value of all the ingredients and are delicious!

If you don’t want to buy your own bulk spirulina look for these in the grocery stores and health food stores as well.

Now guys as for me I order my spirulina from Mountain Rose herbs.

It’s a huge bag that usually last a few months. You can also find it in powdered form in many health store.

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Ginger —It’s a Superfood


Guys todays post is all about Ginger. It is a superfood. It’s a natural digestion aid and nausea-soother.

Anyway to add to my limited knowledge of ginger. I did some research and thought I would share some fun facts about ginger.

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Some Health Benefits of Ginger

  • It’s a remedy for nausea,upset stomachs and cramps. Stomach aches,period cramps, nausea, motion sickness, morning sickness and flu symptoms. Ginger neutralizes stomach acid and absorbing gastrointestinal toxins and hormones.
  • It’s a digestion rockstar. Ginger increases the secretion of digestive enzymes in the stomach.
  • It’s an anti-inflammatory. Ginger inhibits two enzymes that are associated with chronic inflammation. This applies to all sorts of inflammation–arthiritis all the way to inflammation of the colon.
  • It can help lower blood pressure. The gingerol in fresh ginger  cause a widening of the blood vessel walls. This can help circulation. and lower blood pressure. I had read before that rubbing ginger on my fingers can help get the blood flowing again to blood vessels.
  • It can help with muscle pain.  There is a study that taking ginger daily helps reduce-exercise induced muscle pain. In addition to ingestion you can apply it topically,rubbing it into sore muscles or even arthritic joints.

It’s great if you have a head cold or congestion. The gingerol in ginger is similar to capsaisin in chili peppers and spicy foods in that it has that hot,ok now-I’m awake effect when crossed with your respiratory airways. It will break up congestion and open up those sinuses. Ginger is also a good immune system booster,activating T cells and containing antimicrobial compounds that will help ward off the growth of bad bacteria.

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Using Ginger for Smoothies

A little goes a long way  when it comes to smoothies and ginger. It doesn’t yield a lot of juice you probably  won’t  see any drip but you will definitely taste it. Don’t use more than an 1″ of ginger in a single juice.

I’ve read that you should remove the skin from the chunk of ginger you’re going to put through your juicer and it’s non-organic.

However, I usually just cut off a small chunk of ginger,quickly scrub it under some water and pop it in the juicer.

If you’re into smoothies, you’ve probably noticed that ginger is a common ingredient.

Ginger is a great addition to just about any green juice combination. Ginger is also great with carrots,oranges blueberries and bananas.

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Physical Health is the Result of a Proper Diet and Exercise

Absolute_FitnessPhysical Health is the Result of a Proper Diet and Exercise

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Physical health is essential for any individual because it is necessary to spend a healthy balanced life.

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A healthy person can enjoy  life and always have many reasons to enjoy  life.

Physical heath is fundamental for general prosperity and is the most important of the different measurements of wellbeing, which additionally incorporate social, scholarly, passionate, profound and ecological heath.

Physical wellness is the consequence of consistent physical exercises, regular eating regimen and nourishment, and appropriate rest for physical recuperation.

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Physical activities are pivotal for the healthy body since it not just feels great, it counteracts perpetual illnesses, enhances your mindset, expands your vitality level and enhances your nature of rest, also helps you oversee and keep balanced your weight. A standard physical movement will help you do all things.

Physical movement is fundamental to forestall and diminish dangers of numerous maladies and enhance physical and psychological wellness. It can even help you live long.

Physical movement additionally keeps you fit as a young guy so you can appreciate the exercises and securely perform work and home tasks. It offers incredible mental and social advantages too.

By being dynamic, you will lose calories that you store from eating for the duration of the day and—it can be as simple as strolling your pet or as thorough as running a marathon.

Giving chances to kids to be active right off the bat puts them on a way to better physical and emotional wellness. It’s never past the point in which it is possible to kick off a sound way of life.

On the other hand, our diet is also responsible for our health and personality. A nutritious, all around adjusted eating regimen – alongside physical activities are the establishment of good health.

Adhering to a proper diet incorporates expending significant proteins, sugars, vitamins, fats, minerals and water in the nourishments you consume while minimizing processed foods, smoking cigarettes, immersed fats and liquor.

Eating in this way helps you keep up your body’s ordinary capacities, advances ideal body weight.

As a conclusion, we can say that adhering to a usual diet begins with adopting better approaches to eating, for example, including all the more new natural products, vegetables, and entire grains and curtailing nourishments that have lots of fat, salt, and sugar.

Eating the right food and an adjusted eating routine is a critical piece of staying healthy, and can help you feel your best.

Because of these reasons, you are advised to maintain a healthy weekly chart suitable according to your needs

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Lose Weight While You Sleep !

dubai_at_night_516228Sleep and medical experts Michael Breus Phd. and Steven Lamm Md. created a study of seven readers of Glamour magazine to see if they would lose weight by getting more sleep.

The participants were required to get seven and half hours of sleep a night and not make any significant changes to their diet and exercise habits to see if sleep and sleep alone would lead to weight loss.

In fact the seven women lost 6 to 15 pounds  each after 10 weeks. Do you lose weight while you sleep? yes indeed.

At least two dozen studies have shown people lose more weight if they get the right amount of sleep,about 8 hours of sleep  a night.

Sanjay Patel Md. a researcher at Case Western University in Cleveland and his colleagues found that 70,000 women who slept 5 hour or less a night were 30% more likely to gain 30 pounds or more than those who got more sleep.

Some experts think that lack of sleep is a reason for the obesity epidemic.

The Influence of Hormones

What is the connection? Sleep deprivation wreaks havoc on hormones, that control the appetite: cravings and metabolism.

Women who are deprived of sleep have an increase in ghrelin,or the go hormone because it makes you want to eat more. There is also a drop in leptin, the stop hormone that tells you to stop when you are full.

The reaction is that the person wants more junkier high calorie food. The body craves chocolates,pastries, and candy that break down for fast quick energy.

Testers for weight loss during sleep during sleep noticed that participants were losing inches of fat off their waist,hip and thighs or areas that accumulate fat.

They discovered that the explanation for this was during sleep the brain secretes a large amount of growth hormone, which tells the body how to break down fat for fuel.

People who are tired do not make wise decisions when it comes to the diet. It is similar to being drunk and a person’s judgement is impaired.

Also a lack of sleep causes the brain reward center to rev up causing you to seek something that feels good and it is more difficult to ward off craving for food that’s not good for you.

My Conclusion:

Those who get the right amount of sleep,about 7 to 9 hours have more energy and snack less during the waking hours.

In the above study some women actually exercised more because they felt like doing it.

Guys just a short share for today. Let me know how many pounds you have lost while sleep?

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Why Yes Tomatoes are Fruit !


Why Yes Tomatoes are Fruit!

Technically tomatoes are a fruit,but the USDA considers this popular food to be nutritionally a vegetable.

Tomatoes are used in dishes all around the world. Indian curries, Mexican salsas and Italian sauces.

Tomatoes are one of the most popular vegetables in the U.S. (just behind the potato).

Nutritionally tomatoes are jam-packed with nutrients and low in calories,a single cup of tomatoes contains 27 calories while also providing fiber,potassium (353mg) vitamin K (11.8mg) vitamin C (20mg)

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

1.Cancer Prevention

Prostate Cancer: In the U.S there are approximately 217,000 cases of prostate cancer diagnosed annually and around 32,000 deaths.

According to John Edman .Phd professor of the department of food sciencee at the University of Illinois.

“There’s very good strong support for increased consumption of tomato products and lower incidence of prostate cancer.

” Nutrients often do not work in isolation but rather as a family to increase the positive health effects.

Pancreatic Cancer:

According to a study at the University of Montreal,the researchers found that lycopene was linked with 31 percent reduction in the development of pancreatic cancer.

The consumption of tomatoes has been also linked to the possible reduction in other types of cancer.

2.Improved Sugar Metabolism

A study published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism found that eating a diet high in tomatoes helped promote better fat regulation and sugar metabolism.

The study looked  at women eatng tomato-rich diets and found that those who ate at lest 25mg of lycopene daily for 10 weeks saw a healthy 9% bump in adiponectin,a hormone involved with regulating blood sugar and fat levels.

3.Healthier Cholesterol Levels

Lycopene found in tomato juice has been showing a study in Finland andothers to reduce cholesterol LDL cholesterol along with increasing its resistance to oxidation,which has the worst effect on cardiovascular health.

Tomatoes in the Mediterranean diet here have been long associated with improved mortality and cardiovascular health due to the powerful antioxidant nutrient content.

4.Healthy Eyes and Skin

Tomatoes contain many different carotenoids that concentrate  in the skin and eyes protecting these tissues and cells from sun damage and other types of tissue damage.

The anti-oxidants in tomatoes help to prevent macular degeneration along with supporting improved night vision.


5.Bone Health

Drinking two glasses of tomato juice could possiblyhelp to strengthen brittle bones.

A study was conducted on post menopausal women, and it was shown that in a lycopene-free diet, a natural chemical in the blood that increases bone breakdown elevated:

In contrast drinking two glasses of tomato juice or consuming an equivalent amount of lycopene showed a reduction in bone loss.

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