How to Lose Weight with Yoga



Let’s focus on the goal of weight loss. To lose weight the basic math equation is to burn more calories than you consume.

Exercises that require endurance are generally better for burning calories,but anything that gets you out of breath to the point that you can’t talk will work.

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Even though it may look tame a good hour of yoga will get you sweaty and out of breath.

The  NHS advises that adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity physical activity a week.

Of course with gentle yoga you won’t burn as many calories as if you were running a race for the same length of time.

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But yoga is a good exercise for keeping trim especially so if you’ve just had a baby or an injury and you’re not able to get into intensely physical training.

Yoga can be done by anyone of any age so it’s an all-around good choice.

In addition to yoga you could attend a gym class a couple times a week, join a running club, take your dogs on a walk or do anything else that you can fit in your weekly routine to get your heart rate going

Yoga styles that help with weight loss

There alot of different styles of yoga which are more dynamic and great for working up a sweat such as Bikram yogaAshtanga yogaRocket yoga and Jivamukti yoga. The faster flowing styles of yoga are perfect for weight loss.

At Jivamukti Yoga London they offer Vinyasa yoga which contains flowing Asana (yoga poses) sequences. Classes are 60-90 minutes long and you’re guaranteed to work up a sweat.

Of course it depends on the style of yoga you are doing and your physical condition but Livestrong suggest that you can stretch,bend and sweat away 298 calories in one hour.

How effective is Yoga with weight loss?

The first study was conducted on the effect of six weeks yoga training on weight loss by the Department of Physiology Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research split 46 men and women into two groups, one group did yoga and the other group didn’t for six weeks.

They found that yoga training produced a significant increase in respiratory pressures and endurance in both male and female participants

.And concluded that training for as short as six weeks can produce significant improvements in respiratory muscle strength and endurance.

Another study relating to the effects of a yoga and diet plan for obesity in  Medical Science review also demonstrated how fantastic yoga can be as a weight loss exercise.

Another study found that yoga is generally effective in reducing body weight, blood pressure,glucose level and high cholesterol.

So how do you actually fit yoga into your daily routine? Try to do more walking instead of using your car.

Also find other exercises that you enjoy and that you find fun. Leave me comments on how you guys feel below and please share this post with your family ,friends and social media outlets.

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