Ginger —It’s a Superfood


Guys todays post is all about Ginger. It is a superfood. It’s a natural digestion aid and nausea-soother.

Anyway to add to my limited knowledge of ginger. I did some research and thought I would share some fun facts about ginger.

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Some Health Benefits of Ginger

  • It’s a remedy for nausea,upset stomachs and cramps. Stomach aches,period cramps, nausea, motion sickness, morning sickness and flu symptoms. Ginger neutralizes stomach acid and absorbing gastrointestinal toxins and hormones.
  • It’s a digestion rockstar. Ginger increases the secretion of digestive enzymes in the stomach.
  • It’s an anti-inflammatory. Ginger inhibits two enzymes that are associated with chronic inflammation. This applies to all sorts of inflammation–arthiritis all the way to inflammation of the colon.
  • It can help lower blood pressure. The gingerol in fresh ginger  cause a widening of the blood vessel walls. This can help circulation. and lower blood pressure. I had read before that rubbing ginger on my fingers can help get the blood flowing again to blood vessels.
  • It can help with muscle pain.  There is a study that taking ginger daily helps reduce-exercise induced muscle pain. In addition to ingestion you can apply it topically,rubbing it into sore muscles or even arthritic joints.

It’s great if you have a head cold or congestion. The gingerol in ginger is similar to capsaisin in chili peppers and spicy foods in that it has that hot,ok now-I’m awake effect when crossed with your respiratory airways. It will break up congestion and open up those sinuses. Ginger is also a good immune system booster,activating T cells and containing antimicrobial compounds that will help ward off the growth of bad bacteria.

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Using Ginger for Smoothies

A little goes a long way  when it comes to smoothies and ginger. It doesn’t yield a lot of juice you probably  won’t  see any drip but you will definitely taste it. Don’t use more than an 1″ of ginger in a single juice.

I’ve read that you should remove the skin from the chunk of ginger you’re going to put through your juicer and it’s non-organic.

However, I usually just cut off a small chunk of ginger,quickly scrub it under some water and pop it in the juicer.

If you’re into smoothies, you’ve probably noticed that ginger is a common ingredient.

Ginger is a great addition to just about any green juice combination. Ginger is also great with carrots,oranges blueberries and bananas.

Guys try to include this wonderful superfood into your recipes and smoothies. And I hope you enjoyed  “Ginger It’s a Superfood”

Let me know how you feel about this superfood in the comment section and please share this short post to your friends and social outlets.


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