About Me

girl-13480_640I am Darrell Harris and I am an Author,Foodie and Lover of smoothies. The lady to the left is operations manager Lisa O’Shea who is the glue and the chief  here  at vitaminchief.com
I have been cooking and implementing healthy cooking skills and strategies for the past 5 + years.Since January 2016 on a full-time basis.

Fresh out the Army took over the family restaurant business and grew it from $60,000 to $ 500,000 in 3 years ,now I’m committed to vitaminchief.com full-time.

Welcome to  Vitaminchief.com  This is a place where 85% of what we do is all about YOU.
The remaining 15% is all about us,because we love helping people prosper and succeed.

We help people achieve and maintain health and wellness by simply adding more fruits and vegetables into their diets.

This is what we do here by providing essential information that will help you become  healthier if you chose to do so.

That is our 3-fold agenda. The word we has been used a couple times. We represents Darrell Harris,his partners,his sponsors, his co-authors.