7 Ways to Build Muscle


How can you build muscle quickly? I will outline 7 ways to build muscle (mass) .

1. Low Reps are Important.

People will usually train within the 8-12 rep range to try to add inches to their muscles, but  usually hit a plateau when it comes to increasing the amount they can lift at that range.

If you want to build  more mass,you must be able to get stronger,to intern be able to lift heavier at the 8-12 range.

A multitude of studies have shown that training within the 2-6 repitition range with heavier weights help to develop higher strength .


2. Forced Reps to Force Growth

There are certain training methods that can help you gain strength. However there is one technique that stands out for its ability to pack on pounds of muscle.

Researchers have studied athletes doing basic standard leg workouts consisting of  squats and leg extensions with 12 reps taken.

And athletes doing forced-rep leg workouts consisting of the same exercises with 15% heavier weights so they would have  to rely on a spotter to complete their 12 reps.

The studies showed that the forced rep workouts resulted in increased overall testosterone levels and elevated GH (growth hormone) levels as well as decreased body fat percentages.

3. Deadlifts for Strength

Did you know that deadlifts use hundred of muscles within the body? Proper form while dead lifting targets various different areas such as lower back, hamstrings, quads and the list goes on.

Unlike a squat, a deadlift eliminates the negative part of the rep and forces you to use your strength to fully lift the bar up and off the floor.

Which is why they are considered a true test of strength and a really great way to improve your overall strength.


4. Squat

While we’re  still on the subject of squatting exercises, let’s talk about what squatting can do for you in terms of gaining mass to achieve those slabs of muscle you want.

Just as the deadlift, the traditional squat targets hundreds of muscles in both the upper and lower body as it triggers prime movers and stabilizing muscles to act as you stabilize potentially hundreds of pounds on your back.

A 2006 study in Japan confirmed that squatting is one of the best exercises to build muscle as it also boosts natural GH levels in the body.


5. Different Speeds, Different Growth

A lot of people at the gym usually tend to train using the same speed of repetitions  regardless of exercise.

However modifying the speed of your repetitions can actually stimulate the muscle fibers and force better growth and strength.

As a general rule, slower reps boost muscle mass and faster reps boosts strength.

Keep in mind that they must be done with proper form at a steady rate, no swinging weights or irregular speeds !

Stay consistent and you’ll see and feel the difference.

6. Get Plenty of Rest

Muscle fibers grow during resting after your hard workouts.

If you consistently wear and tear down your muscles , they would have no time to regenerate and rebuild themselves and you will end up making little if any progress.

Get plenty of sleep at night and do stretches to relax your worn out muscle fiber.


7. Watch Your Protein Intake !

Protein is required to build and repair damaged muscle tissue, so fueling your muscles with a high quality protein source is essential.

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6 thoughts on “7 Ways to Build Muscle”

  1. Good job on pointing out the importance of low reps! I see so many sites and forums talk about high reps, high reps, like they’re the be-all-end-all. When in reality, we get stronger much faster with heavy low reps, which will allow us to crank out more high reps at higher weights. The rest of the ways you’ve listed are on point as well.

    Good job!

    1. Hello Wing thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input. I’m glad you found my post of some value to you my friend. Thanks and have a super day.


  2. Great info. I have always been someone that struggle gaining weight and even though I have been working out for years, I could never get the results I was looking for. I always thought you had to bang out as many reps as possible to build muscle, but what you suggest really makes sense. I will definitely try out your suggestions. Thanks for this!

    1. Hello Ralph thanks for leaving your valuable feedback and supporting us here at the vitamin chief blog. Keep coming by and supporting us here .

  3. Very straight to the point post – short and neatly structured for maximum readability.

    Now, in terms of reps and how many are decent for muscle growth – I’d say you can build muscle with every variation. Adding resistance is crucual – more weight that is. So anything from 1 to 1000 would suffice.

    What about using steroids to bulk up – would tou recommend that?

    1. Hello Simon and thanks for stopping by and leaving your valuable input. All the points you mentioned are relevant and valid keep up the super work and keep coming back.


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