7 Clever Weight loss strategies that really work

1. Eat more food earlier in the day and eat less at night.

Besides quantity and quality of calories you are eating research studies are suggesting timing of calories can be another important factor for weight loss.

Researchers suggest shifting your food intake to eating more calories earlier in the day instead of later in the day could help with weight loss.

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2. Spread out your protein intake.

Protein has been in the spotlight for helping promote weight loss. One reason is protein increases satiety which can help regulate appetite through the day.

It’s common for many people to load up on protein rich foods for dinner. Researchers however suggest getting around 30 grams of protein at each meal.

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3.Eat a handful of nuts per day

Eating a handful of any kind of nuts can actually help you with weight loss and to prevent weight gain according to research studies.

In fact the 2016 study which included data from over 7,000 people concluded long term nut consumption decreased risk for obesity.

4.Cut out liquid sugar

No matter what program one of the finest steps in weight loss is to cut out liquid sugar. Cutting out soda ,tea or any sweet beverage can help with long term weight balance.

5. Get more fiber

Getting more fiber will not only benefit heart and digestive health it could also help with weight loss.

A 2005 review suggest there is a strong link from research that a high fiber intake can help obesity.

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6. Slow down when you eat.

Eating too fast doesn’t give your body enough time to signal the brain when it’s full. This pattern can promote excessive food intake.

Take breaks in between bites, chew your food thoroughly and enjoy what you eat.

7. Get more water through the day

Drinking enough water through the day could help lower the urge to eat something. Plus  getting enough water through  the day is important for many other health reasons.

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