10 Phenomenal Benefits of Meditation


What amazes me today is to see the widespread practice of meditation across ages and gender. You probably know by now that meditation is effective in managing stress. In this article John Hopkins Medicine its noted that 30 minutes of daily meditation may improve symptoms of stress and anxiety.

This post is about phenomenal benefits of meditation.

1. Meditation sharpens your attention.

With continuous  mindfulness meditation practice for more than 6 months. I found my attention span increase and it truly made me focus better.

In fact Live science states that meditation could possibly be used to treat ADHD.

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2. Meditation improves your ability to multitask.

Try not to multitask if you can. It’s not healthy for your brain. But if you have to consider practicing mindfulness meditations  it decreases negative emotions normally associated with multi tasking and also resulted in less work.

3. Meditation improves your memory.

If you often get into trouble because you have forgotten about your appointments,where you placed your medication or files ,meditation maybe what you are looking for to improve your memory.


4. Meditation improves your creativity.

According to this article by Science daily different methods of meditation have various results on creativity.

It names “open monitoring meditation” as the meditation technique that resulted in the most improvement in terms of creativity.

5.Meditation Improves your willpower.

The key to success is often associated with perseverance. It’s going through failures after failure without losing the enthusiasm. You need a very strong willpower for that.

According to a recent study an area of the brain associated with willpower is active during meditation.

6.Meditation enhances your logical thinking.

If you are often swayed by emotion when making critical decisions then consider meditation as a practice that cultivates logical thinking.

The practice of meditation actually stimulates alpha brain waves that enhance your logical thinking.

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7. Meditation increases your (brain) speed.

If you are going for a higher processing power for your work load,try meditation but this doesn’t happen overnight.

According to a study by UCLA meditation may speed up brain processing but this requires years of practice.

8.Meditation makes you happier.

In meditation you tune your consciousness in a way that’s not possible when you’re going by the motion. Regular meditation practice brings awareness to your thoughts.

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9.Meditation makes you more relaxed.

This is probably why so many people look to incorporate meditation into their lifestyle.

While meditation does indeed help you relax it is important not to expect the same result for every session. In fact having expectation could get you stuck in your meditation practice.

10.Meditation decreases depression.

Mindfulness meditation has been used with equal effectiveness as anti-depressant drugs in treating depression, according to a study by    Oxford University.

Well that’s going to be all for today I really hope you enjoyed this post “10 Phenomenal Benefits of Meditation.”

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